"What is your plan here, brother?" Thor whispered as the two skulked quietly through the depths of the Grandmaster's palace.
"Patience, dear brother.First we must worry about the two guards blocking our path."
Acting in tandem, the sons of Odin disaremed the guards and knocked them unconscious with one fluid movement.
"You'll help us free Asgard from Hela's grip when we arrive?I can count on you?"Thor asked.
"Of course.After all,I'll sure you blame me for her resurgence.It's the least I can do." Loki appeared contrite. "Although I am curious, why the sudden change of heart to become Odinson and assume the throne?"
"It is what is needed to defeat Hela, therefore it is my duty," Thor said plainly. He let out a small sigh, his voice almost apologetic. "In the past I demanded the throne when Asgard needed me most. Your stole it. Twice."
"Yet you are always forgive," Loki said,.trying not to sneer.
"My point is that our self-centred conflict over Asgard has ruined our kingdom. We have been so focused on fighting for the top. we've forgotten there's a middle and a bottem. If I'm to be king, then I want to be a custodian, not a conqueror."
"Why the sudden baring of your soul to me?" Loki asked.
Thor turned to his brother. "Because I want to change. I want to be better. And I think you can, too. Helping us ecape has shown you can take strides towards that." He looked at Loki earnestly. "Make a fresh start. brother. It's time."


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